"Know Yourself"

I like pretty things. And food.
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Best $1.85 I have ever spent.

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Chen / Liful x Disney / x

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Chen / Stussy / x

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my personality varies from unbearably clingy to disturbingly distant and there is no inbetween

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sometimes i remember that like white people dont eat rice that often like sometimes they have meals that are just meat and vegetables and its like??? wheres the rice??? what are you doing??? your plate isnt complete??? 

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Fall in love with
the sound of her
voice before
anything else;

it will be the first
thing you will lose
when she is

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Sometimes I read a book or a story and I get really sad because that will never be my life. Other times I’m really glad I’ve never had to rebuild my village after a dragon attack.

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"In Roman community baths, it was customary for men to stand and applaud when a well-endowed peer entered the water."


why are men so weird everywhere always (x)

i just imagined this and cannot stop laughing

(via retconcorps)

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My eyeglasses prescription has changed three times since I started working in publishing eight years ago.


Reading all the time

We can’t read this but we’re assuming it’s funny and true.

Hahaha good one Random House.