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I like pretty things. And food.
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"I noticed everything. I just acted like I didn’t."

 —(via florida-sounds)
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Lilac by ingwervanille
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I love this.

eyyy man don’t… this is basically saying “if you don’t love your body in a way we like, you don’t love your body”

also because finals are around the corner i will literally do anything to distract myself SO I just did some quick math since there wasn’t any sources on the sheet:

The average cost of breast augmentation is $3,678, not at all close to a year of tuition (at least in america), which is $30,000 for a private school (mine was 56k a year before scholarships thank god for that gpa), and as low as 8,000 for public community colleges. 

disregarding that the implication here is that slimfast and other diet plans are not “loving your body” (despite the fact that the choice to diet might stem from the desire to feel healthy), i don’t know much about the slimfast diet but a "thirty day supply" is $75 from walmart, so roughly (rounded up) about $950 for the year. I could find plane tickets “to europe” (i chose london) from where i live for under that, but it was $783 one-way and one ticket, and since it says “tickets,” plural… once you take someone with you, that’s $1566. And i’m guessing you want to come home once you’re there…. but again, i’m not familiar with slimfast and i don’t know much about planes, so i’ll admit this might be wrong.

for the tanning versus massage, in this particular case, both sides have the potential to be unhealthy, so do your research before you get involved in either. tanning and over-tanning can cause some ill effects, but so can an untrained masseuse (which is pretty rare, i’ll give you that!!). stay safe out there little ones, i love you :)

the “you can get highlights or food” comparison isn’t really fair because if someone was like “you can buy that nice leather jacket for yourself or you can have like a lot of tacos,” i’d be like “): okay i’ll get the tacos.” i also seriously question this, so i … did the math… (i have so much work to do, can you tell?) i’m just working with the lowest number i found in both situations because it obviously depends on where you go. highlights start at $75, whereas on what the USDA calls a “thrifty plan,” (even less spent than their “low cost plan”) each week of groceries is about $38 for young adults living alone. two weeks therefore is actually fairly close to $75, but again, the “thrifty plan” here is what’s driving that number down - and also the fact it’s only groceries for one person.

"uncomfortable shoes" is so ridiculous literally anything can make shoes uncomfortable i have $1 flipflops i bought for taking a shower at camp and they’re like a size too big and awkward to wear. i’m assuming they’re trying to make high heels sound like the devil, so let’s work backwards on this one. gas at $4 a gallon (ouch) and a car that gets 30 miles to the gallon, that’s $160. i literally don’t know what to do for this because, again, anything can make shoes uncomfortable. the most uncomfortable shoes i have ever worn are pointe shoes, $55, but for high heels?? man oh man i found heels for like??? under $20. seriously, basically every department store has them. i don’t particularly like these for myself, but i guess some sizes and colors are for under $5 before shipping. 

idk about you but when a pair of jeans fits just right that shit is better than lift tickets because it does the lifting all day long your butt becomes a booty and you know the difference. ski lift tickets? $85 each.  designer jeans that support your butt like your own personal booty aide squadron? priceless. obviously depends on the designer but i found juicy couture jeans for $53 in like a 5-second search, so.

acrylic nails, on average? around $37. ”an amusement park”? that’s pretty vague but just for laughs, the cost of a single adult ticket for one day to disney world (only one kingdom, no other expenses) is $94.

i really hate this next one because i need a bra man not only is it socially unacceptable for people with breasts to be without one (which is dumb), but i’m just generally uncomfortable without one because of personal reasons. so what if i wanna get one that makes me look like a bombshell instead of a dinky little wireless one that couldn’t hold up a flowerpetal?? but since you’re up in my business about my underwear choices, I’ve actually found several “breast-enhancing” bras at Marshalls for under $5 in the sale rack. renting a canoe ?? $48. ps??? even if i didn’t want to be thrifty and i wanted a pushup bra from a legit place? Aerie has them for under $30.

i know nothing about magazines in general because i think they can often promote the wrong idea about beauty although (again), i haven’t really looked at them recently and could have outdated information. tried to do some research for the sake of science, only found the number $20 for a subscription to vogue, although i am not sure if that’s per magazine or per year. again, i know nothing. if you’re into fashion, be into fashion, man. don’t let someone tell you that’s vain. i only don’t like it because (as far as i’ve been told) it only really represents one type of body, and i think that can be harmful. i am sosososo for fashion though. “raquel where do i get a nice dinner??” well my favorite place is here in NJ, where the average entree is about $25. totally worth that $25, but very pricey nonetheless. 

"another tube of lipstick" yeah because i like to look good in all seasons are you telling me every time i buy something i have to be like "oh ): i could have… called… a friend… with that $1 i spent on the on-sale lipstick from CVS." this is bunk you can long-distance call for free if you use the internet and skype with someone. buy that lipstick and wear it when you videochat with them. they’ll be like “damn you look good where can i get some.”

the way people love their body is different for everyone. stop shaming those who choose to love their body in a way that is conventionally “selfish” (by the way?? believe it or not, there are worse ways people spend money). who fucking cares if they like to spend their money on the stuff they do? that’s why it’s loving yourself. bc i don’t like myself very much so every time i’m like “i have to buy this or i will not have a dress for this event" i spend like 2553 years agonizing over it — and it’s because of things like this that make personal choices seem "selfish" or "vain."

eyy man love your body. buy that lipstick. don’t feel bad for the stuff that’s supposed to be for the stereotype of stuck-up lady. nah man, all this stuff? this stuff doesn’t determine who you are or how much you should love yourself. if you love your body by eating 343234 slices of cake, good (me too). if you love your body by getting “uncomfortable shoes” (more like “excellent soul-crushingly pretty” shoes), good. there!!! is!!! no!!! wrong !!! way!!! to love your body!!! regardless of how you express that!!! regardless of your gender!!!!! regardless of how “selfish” people tell you it is!!!! if you’re a girl and you like fashion!!!! teach me how to wear clothes because i bow to your greatness don’t let anyone tell you that’s a pointless hobby!!!! if you’re a dude and you like lipstick!!! put on that lipstick now you are a dude with great lipstick!!!!! if you’re a person who likes everything on this list do everything on this list and stop!!! feeling!!! bad!!! about it!!!!!

idk man idk finals are a hard time for me what do i know

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'Cause it sucks. - Chelsea Peretti

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"Your paper must be more than one page long!"

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"To the people who love you, you are beautiful already. This is not because they’re blind to your shortcomings but because they see your soul. Your shortcomings then dim by comparison. The people who care about you are willing to let you be imperfect and beautiful, too."

 —Victoria Moran (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
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Heart, mind, soul